Not a Proper Girl: Behind the Songs

I’ve created a series of short films to fill the void of my ‘Not A Proper Girl’ album release tour, which was cancelled (due to the COVID 19 pandemic) shortly after release in March 2020. 12 films. One for each track.

I’ve directed and edited these films myself in the hope, that even when live gigs are cancelled, I can get up close and personal with you and share the stories behind the songs.

Mental health, suicide, femininity, addiction and the commercial modelling of romantic love are the conundrums that gave rise to this album and it’s title…. ‘‘what IS a proper girl’?

I’d love to know what you think and how you feel, as I share my observations and anecdotes distilled from my life’s journey. I hope you enjoy them.

EPISODE 1: The Void

EPISODE 3: Trigger

EPISODE 5: Hungry Ghost

EPISODE 7: Better Man

EPISODE 9: Dangerous Dreams

EPISODE 11: Ask the Stars

EPISODE 2: Lover

EPISODE 4: Lullaby

EPISODE 6: Heathens Prayer

EPISODE 8: Blew Away

EPISODE 10: Red Rose

EPISODE 12: Clean

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