Day 1


daugh·t​er | ˈdɔːtə

1. a girl or woman in relation to either or both of her parents.

Welcome to Day 1 of ‘Behind The Songs’. Today I’m taking you behind two songs ‘Lullaby’ and ‘Dangerous Dreams’. All the songs on my album ‘Not A Proper Girl’ were about diving deep into the expectations I had of life and of myself. We are taught in tribeless western culture that being cared for by our mother as a child is fundamental to thriving. ‘Lullaby’ is all about how that need to be comforted, and held never goes away. ‘Dangerous Dreams’ deals with how I think we are still conditioned to expect to have our own daughter or son, and the impact it can have on us when if we don’t. I’d love to hear your thoughts and feelings in the comments section at the bottom of this page. I look forward to seeing you for day two where we get behind the songs that I’ve grouped into the theme ‘Lover’. Make sure you check your inbox tomorrow!


Dangerous Dreams